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FAQ: What is DSL service?

DSL (digital subscriber line) is high-speed Internet access over your existing phone line. DSL converts your existing analog phone line into a high-speed digital phone line. Using DSL technology, it delivers up to 50MB per second – that’s at least 100 times faster than a standard 56K dial-up modem!

How does DSL service work?

DSL technology takes advantage of your existing phone line. While regular phone calls are transferred at relatively low frequencies, DSL data is transmitted at much higher frequencies. Both types of transmission can occur simultaneously without interference. Voice transmissions and fax machines will operate as usual.

Can I get DSL service?

We are installing the equipment necessary to provide DSL service in many of our serving areas. However, DSL service is also contingent on the distance from your home to the DSL access equipment we have installed in our central office in your exchange. Each type of equipment and technology has a varying maximum reach, but the average maximum distance at which high-speed DSL data can be delivered is about 18,000 cable feet. To find out if DSL is available to you or other alternatives available, call our Customer Service Department at 218-998-2000 or 218-826-6161.

What does an “always on” connection mean?

DSL gives you a dedicated connection between your computer and your phone network so your computer is always connected to the Internet. There’s no more dialing in, no more waiting to get online, no more busy signals. “Always on” means the Internet is always a click away.

What is the charge for DSL?

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